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For centuries, Italians have known and loved the area of Northern Italy they call Piemonte, which means "Mountain Foot." Over time, that term morphed into Piedmont, eventually applied to the eastern slope of the Appalachians and - most of all - to the piece of heaven known as Piedmont, Alabama. Those who are fortunate enough to discover this remarkable area soon realize that nobody understands it like the people at Pope Realty.
This is our home - a place we love and want to share with you. We always have the best property listings, and our unsurpassed knowledge of Calhoun County and surrounding areas enables us to match you with just the right property for your needs . So give us a call 256-447-1111, and welcome home.




Pope Realty, Piedmont, Alabama

Pope Realty 202 North Main Street, Piedmont, AL 36272